Tax Preparation
Tax Planning &
Problem Solving

Tax Preparation
Tax Planning &
Problem Solving

Helping DC Taxpayers:

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Serving Taxpayers in all 50 States and Internationally

Let a Washington DC Tax Lawyer Help With the Tax Issues Keeping You Up at Night

Let a Washington DC Tax Lawyer Help With the Tax Issues Keeping You Up at Night

As a Washington, D.C. tax lawyer, with over a decade of experience, clients seek my expertise on how to save money on taxes, options on solving tax problems domestic and international, providing strategic tax advice and savvy tax preparation services.

Whether you are experiencing audit notices, have unfiled tax returns, or are self-employed seeking financial clarity, I look forward to hearing from you!

I serve taxpayers in the Washington D.C. area, including neighboring states Virginia and Maryland, as well as taxpayers relocating from all 50 States and international taxpayers  and those living overseas.

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    Esquire Tax Solutions

    Tax Preparation

    Many taxpayers unwisely self-prepare their tax returns online via turbo tax without any human oversight.  Common errors include..

    Esquire Tax Solutions

    Audits & Notices

    If you have received a Tax Notice, open your mail immediately and read it carefully.  Do not do this…

    Esquire Tax Solutions

    Planning & Advice

    Did you know the IRS expects taxpayers to be educated and up to date on tax laws, and penalizes you…

    Esquire Tax Solutions

    Tax Issues

    Many taxpayers mistakenly file and mistakenly pay taxes to the wrong state, an often overlooked detail, that causes issues…

    Esquire Tax Solutions

    Foreign & Domestic Tax Issues

    Taxpayers from across the world are often surprised to learn that the United States Treasury is actively…

    Esquire Tax Solutions

    Individual & Business Filings

    Being self employed comes with significant tax advantages, but may taxpayers have no clue about the added…

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    • Unfiled Tax Returns

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    • International Tax Issues

    • State Residency Issues

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    • Self-Employed (Sched C)

    • Rental Income (Sched E)

    • Multi-State Tax Returns

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    Audits, Notices & Problems

    • Missing Tax Returns

    • Penalty Negotiation

    • Visits by the IRS

    • D.C. Tax Notices

    • Amended Tax Returns

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    Kent Rackett, Esq., PLLC BBB Business Review

    My Story

    With over ten years combined experience in the legal and accounting industries, I am an invaluable asset if you are seeking legal and financial services for your personal life or business.

    As a D.C. Tax Attorney, I am a one-stop shop for self employed professionals and small business.

    I can offer legal AND tax advice.

    Kind Words From Our Clients

    I’ve been working with Kent for a couple years now. He’s always been no nonsense, very straightforward, fast, efficient, and extremely professional. I have always been happy to work with him!

    Karl G.

    The amazing reviews of Esquire Tax Solutions are entirely accurate! During the last 4 months I have been working as a Nurse Practitioner and taxes were definitely not on my mind.

    Adrita S, St. Barnibas Hospital

    Kent holds a great advantage over other tax professionals because of his attorney background – which comes in handy when dealing with complicated tax issues. Highly recommend!

    Mark P

    NIGHT AND DAY from my experience with every previous accountant I’ve ever used. He didn’t charge extra for the multiple state returns or for the URGENT rush nature of my request.  Additionally, Kent understood all the complexities of my situation!

    Kate G

    He’s honest and helpful, two characteristics that seem hard to find. I recommend him to all of my friends and colleagues.

    Faith C

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